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Save Money Quickly – Collect Loans

What is the best way to save money? We can’t give you an answer – Whether you just need a few savings tips in your everyday life, or want to create a long-term plan for your savings, this list can get you in the right spot.

From financial anxiety to impending weddings and travel around the world – there are many reasons why you may need to save money quickly. The best way to save money should probably not be to waste with the ones you have. But saving can be done in more than one way and there are certain tricks to making money grow without sacrificing all the fun in everyday life.

Here are our best savings tips 2018, divided into six categories. Funds or savings accounts, baking or general cookery – which spark plugs work best for you?



Collect your loans and credits

Many are borne with unnecessarily high interest costs each month due to scattered loans at several different banks. One step towards a significantly lower interest rate that allows you to put money into savings is to collect your loans. Fewer loans also mean an improved credit rating – which enables even lower interest rates for future renegotiations or new loans.

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Open a savings account

“But I already have a bank account”. Yes, but most major banks give you no interest at all on the money they borrow from you. A savings account with a smaller player, on the other hand, gives you savings. Those that are not covered by the deposit guarantee pose a greater risk, but at the same time you also get a better return on your savings.

Invest in mutual funds

Invest in mutual funds

Funds can provide good returns in the long run. You can open an investment savings account for your funds, which means that you do not have to pay profit tax but only a barely noticeable standard tax based on your savings value. If you do not want the tax to be deducted every year, you can instead directly save in funds and pay taxes on the profits. Read more about fund saving here.

Don’t borrow too long

Do you need to take a private loan to invest in something that can pay off well in the future? Make sure the loan does not run over too long, as it will be more expensive the longer the repayment period. At the same time, it is wise to choose an amortization rate that you can actually manage, as reminders and penalty rates can become costly stories.

Choose a cheap bank card

Do you know that you only use the bank card to withdraw money or pay with regular stores, you do not need an advanced variant. Choose a regular bank card that does not come with a lot of expenses and is also free to use abroad. A good way is also to block the card from the credit function, otherwise it is easy to start buying things you do not need.

Collect your insurance policies

To collect is to save. In order to get the best possible insurance premium, you should stick to one and the same insurance company for all your insurance services. It works the same way with loans – merging them and getting a better interest rate.

Compare lenders if you have to borrow money

Compare lenders if you have to borrow money

All banks want new customers and even as a small saver this fact is your best trump card. By comparing different lenders’ terms and letting them give you their best deals, you can peacefully choose the one that gives you the highest return. Don’t take first best.

Save on your accommodation

Housing is for many life’s most expensive purchases, but also a good investment. Straight amortization and variable interest rates are a classic good combination that helps you save money by living. Of course, it is noticeable the day you sell, but good things take time.

Check receipts

For a month you can collect a considerable amount of receipts. Save them and go through the bundle at the end of the month. It will give you a clear picture of where you spend the most money and what you could actually pull down on. Set up an expense board just like in the Luxury Trap and take the bull by the horns – as the savings account grows you will thank yourself!

Make a budget

As soon as you become aware of where you are wasting money, you can easily start regulating your consumption. Making a budget may sound sad, but it is actually quite exciting to see if the plan holds. Was it more over than you thought? Take the opportunity to celebrate the triumph! You do not have to save every penny, it is what you do continuously that counts.

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