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Student Loans Immediately

Anyone who has sufficiently informed about the educational loan offer and meets all criteria can apply immediately. A study grant is not addressed to all students, even if it includes the name. Not everyone receives a well-paid job immediately after completing their studies or training, as the clerk / service has immediately credited him with a flat-rate amount of earned income in the permit notification. The answer: From now on, any further payoff for the loan will be stopped.

Education loan

Education loan

Alternatively or in addition to the credit aid, there is also the option of financing the study or apprenticeship with the education loan. In addition, the education loan business is characterized by very advantageous interest rates. Strictly speaking, it is a term loan that is intended to co-finance students and students.

The main objective of the education loan is to finance the expenses covered by the credit aid. These are, for example, the documents required for studying, the tuition for a certain university or the expenses for a stay abroad in the course of the study visit. Most students do not have the ability to provide security or to guarantee the loan.

The education loan is therefore a good solution to endure the often very expensive spending on education or studies. How much money do you get from the education loan? The tranches for the educational support loan are, in principle, paid out by Lite Lender. Lite Lender can grant up to 24 tranches per apprenticeship or study period.

If requested, the partial amounts can be reduced to up to three. If you want to have a certain amount of money available right away, for example because you have to pay for a study abroad, you have the option of making a one-off advance on the education loan.

This consists of a maximum of six installments.

This consists of a maximum of six installments.

Thus, this problem solution is relatively cheap for students and interns. The education loan – who is entitled to it? It should be noted that there is no legal entitlement to credit for students and interns. So it can not be sued if you do not get a commitment because it is a project with a specific, predetermined budget.

The education credit can be applied for by adult students who already have a vocational qualification or who will be able to obtain a degree after successful completion of their studies. Attention: The applicant must already be in the penultimate or penultimate year of training. You will also receive an education credit if you are already in a higher level of study – not in the first or second half of the year.

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